HIV - AIDS and Poverty

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Poverty and the disease are interrelated. It is a major factor which leads to behaviors that expose people to the danger of getting infected with the disease. It worsens the impact of the disease. The occurrence of the disease can lead to an escalation of deficiency and can even push some non-poor into financial scarcity.

Millions of people are getting affected by the disease every year, despite various measures taken up by the governments across the worlds. The focus on poverty as an important reason for the spread of the disease began to be felt around 2004 when it was estimated that out of the 39 million people living with the disease, 25 million lived in sub-Saharan Africa alone, whereas 7.1 million in South as well as South-eastern Asia. Around 2 million were believed to be there in Latin America and the Caribbean.

So, more than sixty percent of the infected people were there in the poor regions of sub-Saharan Africa, which was home to less than twelve percent of the total world population at that time. The disease affects the different organized levels of the economy. However, the most relevant impact in regard to this is felt in terms of human as well as social costs, is felt at the domestic level, there is escalating confirmation as well as identification of the macro level effects. Now, both the micro as well as macro levels are interlinked closely.

As it is, there is a big relation in between the disease as well as socioeconomic factors which can be both the cause, as well as the effect of the disease. Such dual relation gives rise to composite causal patterns as well as vicious cycles that make cause-effect relations much difficult in terms of isolation. So, an enlarged level of poverty as well as income inequality, paves way for the spread of the disease. Similarly, the disease on the other hand, deteriorates the economic condition of the affected person, which leads to an increased level of poverty as well as inequality.

At a macroeconomic level, a parallel relation is present in between the disease as well as economic growth. Now, while the disease is said to be responsible for slowing the economic growth; the economic growth on the other hand is related to financial crisis as well as accessibility of wealth. As it is, these are the factors, which determine the ability of a nation, to deal with such a disease.

Therefore, HIV/AIDS and poverty are indeed interrelated.

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HIV - AIDS and Poverty

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This article was published on 2010/04/01