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Our body which is a combination of five elements requires that all these elements be in a balanced way to keep the entre metabolic system healthy and functioning properly.Many times imbalances does occur which leads to diseases of many types. To cure these diseases there are many types of treatment faculties available of which Allopath was the major one, till a few years ago. But it was realized that it wasn't a complete cure from the root. Hence, other alternatives were explored upon and various forms of alternate therapies have been identified and followed upon that are gradually gaining popularity. This Holistic Community of Alternative Medicine and Complimentary Therapy has many advantages to its credit of which the major one is that they carry no side / adverse effects and that they remove the root cause of the problem.

There are numerous such therapies and alternative medicines that singularly or in combination with other therapies, spirituality and science and are being adopted to effectively treat even the most complicated and serious types of diseases. All these therapies and treatments are not newly found ones but have been followed by our ancestors from the early days. They have been following a certain principled life in which many rituals and customs were followed that had in them these therapies within themselves in a hidden form. Interestingly they were adopted as a part of normal lifestyle thereby making them work not as cures but as preventions for many diseases.

One simple and powerful example of the Complimentary Therapy is the Indian Oil Massage. It has been followed since ages in India where it was a compulsory life routine to go for an oil massage once in a week on the head, scalp, the neck, back, arms, shoulders, and face followed by a hot water bath. This massage ensures that the skin and the underlying tissues are well lubricated and helps in streamlining the blood circulation, releases the muscles of tensions and cleanses the body of all types of toxins. Regular practice of this massage acted as a preventive that ensured that no toxin is accumulated, the entire body is relaxed thereby preventing it form being affected by diseases relating to toxins, tensions and nerve, muscular or blood circulation related problems.

With change of time, people had gradually left behind these and followed a different path. But after realizing their ignorance and at the same time the powerful effect of Alternative Medicine and the various types of therapies, after many years, people are making an about turn. Such Holistic Communities are on a rise but this is true that the same are being brought back in a much refined and practical form easily practicable in today's situation.

With advent of Internet it has become easier for people to know more about these alternative medicines and therapies and it has been noticed that many are using the Health Forum as the best platform to get to know about specific such alternative treatments for their specific health problems.

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Holistic Community – A realistic and holistic approach

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This article was published on 2011/06/24