Knowing About Canine Health

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Canine is another name for dogs which are a descendent of wolves and have some common features that have close resemblance to wolves. The canine health studies issues related to the dogs, how to make them immune from various diseases, keep them healthy and strong, etc. Canine often fall ill and subjected to various disorders such as Cherry Eye or Protruding third eyelid, skin and Stomach Allergies, obesity, cleft palate, bloat, etc. amongst others. Some of the mentioned diseases can even be deadly.

Many of the canine health problems can be treated well by local veterinary doctor; however, knowing how to manage a canines health helps dog owners a lot. Canine health can be a complex issue for those owners who do not know much about dog, breed, common ailments, precautions, food supplements for dogs, etc. amongst others. Dog owners who educate themselves about dog health and various ailments tend to face any issue well.

Life of Canine

Some canines even do not get any disease and live long life. The oldest dog on record has been an Australian cattle dog 'Bluey' who died at the age of 29 years and 5 months; however, not all dogs live this long as most of them have short span of life. Research show that dogs that resemble wolves live longer; thus, the dogs that have flat face may not live longer. However, the dog's attractiveness is their flat face e.g. pug are more beautiful than the wolf faced mongrel.

Some Issues With Respect To Canine Health

Canine often get diseases which are either infections or genetic. Some infectious diseases such as viral diseases e.g. Rabies or the bacterial diseases and fungal diseases can even endanger the humans too. A comparatively new trouble in canine health has been genetic diseases which are either caused by the cross-breeding or being carried by the dog from generation to generation from eternity.

Additionally, a dog can catch skin diseases, orthopaedic diseases, tumours and cancer, gastrointestinal diseases, bloat and gastric torsion, eye diseases, vestibular disease, etc. amongst others. An important development in dog health care has been that most of these diseases are now curable and can be treated by veterinary doctors. In order to provide long life and stamina to dogs, owners need to pay heed to what the dog eats. Healthy and nutritious food given to dogs keeps their immune system strong to fight against diseases.

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Knowing About Canine Health

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This article was published on 2011/06/22