Prevention Of Eclampsia And Many Other Degeneracies Through Magnesium Supplements

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Arising of hypertension in pregnancy gives rise to eclampsia. It is a medical condition which is also known as pregnancy induced hypertension and is associated with large amounts of protein in urine. Eclampsia prevention is a must when a woman is expecting. Stress relief measures should be the top priority for these women. Read on to know more about this disease and how to cure it.

Eclampsia occurs in middle or late pregnancy. It can be characterised by sudden rise in blood pressure and presence of excess of protein in urine. Other noticeable symptoms of this disease are: swelling in hands, on face and eyes and sudden gain in weight. This disease develops in a multiple stage process which starts from toxaemia which then leads to pre-eclampsia and then eclampsia. Eclampsia prevention is a must as it can lead to HELPP syndrome which is an abbreviated form of Haemolytic anaemia,ElevatedLiver enzymes andLowPlatelet count. Various stress relief techniques are advised by the gynaecologists in order to prevent pregnant women from this disease. This disease mostly occurs in women who are first time pregnant or are carrying multiple babies. Teenagers and women who become mother in their late forties are also prone to this disease.

Eclampsia prevention can be done by following measures: Diet control and exercise hinder the development on placenta. Along with this, pregnant women should avoid eating junk food and fried stuff. 7-8 glasses of water per day should be taken. Proper rest must be taken. While you sleep, your legs must be elevated with the help of a pillow. Meditation should be done in order to avoid stress. Caffeine and alcohol should be avoided. Salt intake in your diet should be reduced to minimum. Stress relief is something which really works in prevention of eclampsia. This disease can be fatal and might affect your growing foetus. It can also lead to kidney and level damage. The risks and complications can be minimized by early detection of this disease. Pregnant women must go to their gynaecologists for regular checkups. A complete bed rest and hypertensive medicines are advised if you are diagnosed with the disease. If you are pregnant and you experience any of the symptoms of this disease, you must consult a doctor as soon as possible. Ignorance towards this disease could take your life away. You are responsible for you and your childs good health. Do not compromise with it at any cost or because of your negligence.
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Prevention Of Eclampsia And Many Other Degeneracies Through Magnesium Supplements

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This article was published on 2010/12/01