The Cause of AIDS - A Different Perspective

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Even though science says that smoking, a poor diet, genetic abnormalities and the like are said to be causes of disease science still can not definitively say what the true causes are. AIDS is said to be caused by the HIV virus--but what then causes the HIV virus?

AIDS and cancer research have come a long way, but if the cause of disease is not known how can truly effective treatments be found. One disease may be 'cured' only to find that there are other diseases to take their place. Cancer treatments treat the symptoms of a disease. They do not treat the causes of it.

Can it be that science has it all wrong when it comes to the root causes of disease? After all, the official world view at one time insisted that the world was flat, and masses of people believed it, limiting growth and progress that could otherwise have taken place. Just because something is believed to be true and is backed by the full weight of science and the medical profession does not make it true.

It is the opinion of this author that AIDS and disease in general must be looked at from a different perspective. The rational or logical approach says that physical results have physical causes. The intuitive approach says that despite all appearances the physical symptoms of disease have other than physical causes.

I submit to each reader of this article to keep an open mind and to not dismiss what I am about to say out of hand, and to let your own intuitions be the guide.

Disease is not physical in origin--it is mental or psychological. Mental or psychological processes cause the genetic mutations and the out of control growth of cells. This may seem like total absurdity to many but little is known of the effect of thoughts, beliefs and emotions upon the body. It is believed that because these properties of mind are not physical that they cannot affect the body directly. The body is energy however, and what seems to be non physical properties of the mind can be said to have quite real electro-magnetic charges. Disease has its origin in mental states that directly affect the functioning of the physical body. If this is not considered as a very real possibility the causes of disease will forever escape us.

AIDS exists in a social framework and has at its basis a severe dissatisfaction with social conditions. Individuals who develop AIDS feel that their expression has been thwarted in vital ways and fear that the public thinks of them as not quite human or as an abnormality of the species itself. They feel that growth has been denied them and are angry against a society that they feel does not accept them. In many cases there is also a self- loathing and a feeling of shame. These feelings and beliefs are charged and weaken the immune system and cause the alteration in the physical structure that manifests itself as AIDS.

Individuals who have AIDS but are not homosexual share similar problems and emotional states. But in all cases the origins are mental--not physical.

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The Cause of AIDS - A Different Perspective

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This article was published on 2010/04/01